Diana’s global clientele includes first generation wealth creators as well as inheritors. She works with both individuals and multigenerational families.

“Diana helped me clarify some of the important human implications of my estate plan and what most needed to be communicated to my children. She coached me in anticipation of those conversations, which went even better than I had hoped.”


Individuals and Families

Recognising that only 30% of wealth transitions are considered successful, Diana works with individuals and families to beat the odds through developing their wealth inheritance skills and ability to communicate effectively about money. Activities she facilitates at family retreats are also designed to enhance trust among family members. It is never too early to begin because our children observe and learn from us at very young ages.


Even seasoned philanthropists sometimes need help to reinvigorate their philanthropy. And philanthropists new to the field can find it overwhelming to know where to begin and how to interpret the culture of philanthropy. Diana actively supports individuals, families, and their foundations as each one articulates their vision then identifies and pursues their path to philanthropic success.

“You came into our lives at just the right time. You gave us some excellent tools to continue an open and honest dialogue with one another.”



A woman who comes into wealth suddenly—through divorce, death, inheritance, or liquidation of a successful business—often finds herself in unfamiliar territory as she seeks to understand her financial reality and put in place a supportive advisory team. Diana accompanies her as she embraces the opportunities her wealth affords. Diana also facilitates gatherings of women with wealth to learn from and encourage one another.

“It was delightful getting to know you and your amazing heart. You introduced me to a new world of possibilities and I am very grateful!”


“You have a unique ability to blend pragmatism with highly emotional topics, which really enables the agenda to move forward.”