Women hold thirty percent of global private wealth, with much of it self-made, yet many women feel inadequate when it comes to managing their financial advisors and their wealth in their primary relationships.

“Diana partnered closely with me to understand the wealth of the family into which I had married and the roles of my various advisors. I now feel much more confident and have found my voice in my family’s financial decision making.”


Women, Wealth, and Wisdom

Even as women continue to close the gender gap in wealth ownership, we have work to do to build our comfort and confidence in our abilities to manage our resources effectively. Diana tailors skills building for you individually and also runs her interactive Women, Wealth, and Wisdom program for clients of financial institutions, so participants can learn together and support one another. An extension of this is a special program for mothers and daughter to enjoy the learning experience together.

To prepare you to take responsibility for the tangible dimensions of your wealth, Diana collaborates with your wealth advisors and offers one-on-one mentoring sessions to build necessary financial literacy skills.

Diana’s overarching goal is for you to make clear, conscious money choices reflecting your values and interests.

“We intuitively know nothing divides us faster than money … women will downplay their financial differences for the sake of harmony and connection.”

Liz Perle, Money: A Memoir

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