Individuals and Families

Diana is your ally, helping you to achieve your wealth-related goals and introducing whatever resources you need, so you can be proud of the legacy you create and leave.

“Diana’s keen sensitivity to how unique personalities and relationships within the family affect communication has been an invaluable asset to us in dealing with challenging planning issues.”


Challenges and Opportunities

The usual challenges within a family can be substantially exacerbated by significant wealth. You may be undecided how much to reveal and when about your financial reality. You may also believe your children are not prepared to take full responsibility for the wealth they will inherit, while they may be struggling to shape their unique identities within your family when they feel they are not respected and have no voice in the family decision-making.

For those of us with no immediate heirs, the disposition of our estate can pose special difficulties. Other concerns might revolve around your spouse and whether he or she would be ready to manage your team of advisors on his or her own. Or money might be a difficult topic in your primary relationship if, for example, you and your partner have different spending patterns or levels of risk tolerance.

In addition to the need to learn about money and wealth management concepts, significant wealth can present children and teen inheritors with added challenges. Through her customised wealth mentoring, Diana will help your children to acquire the tools they need to take ownership of their inheritance, feel confident in their financial abilities, and find meaning and purpose in their lives when the need to develop skills and achieve success is muted by substantial wealth.

You may have no problem as such but simply a desire to be and do the best possible for your family members. You might appreciate an expert to help you assess what you don’t know or to draft your non-legal documents, such as your family mission statement and ethical will.

“The bottom line is, I got to do something. And there are no courses in college about how to be a hard-working and productive rich person.”

Jamie Johnson, Born Rich


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