Philanthropists play a vital role in society, catalysing needed change. Diana will work with you to ensure your philanthropy builds on your values and passions whilst being strategic and effective.

“While I thought all along it was me giving a gift to the town, I realize I received so much more than I ever expected.”


Making a Difference

Philanthropists lead when they partner with social entrepreneurs to offer solutions to our local and global needs. Yet it can be confusing to understand the landscape of the charitable world and to find your place in it. Diana will help you to identify the causes nearest to your heart, other philanthropists with whom to partner, and organizations to support who share your vision for a better world. Together you will change lives for good.

“My message to those who have not yet found philanthropy is that they may well find that it becomes a drug that gives far more pleasure than the creation of wealth.”

John Caudwell, The Giving Pledge


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