Speaking Engagements

An accomplished speaker, Diana has taught and lectured extensively on wealth topics. Themes include: Children and Money: The Challenges and Opportunities of Affluence, Tips for Talking about Money, Couples and Money: What We Do for Love, Making the Most of Our Money, Steps to Strategic Philanthropy, and, for the children of global families of significant wealth, Shaping Your Unique Identity Within Your Family: Crisis or Opportunity?

Money Conversations

Many of us avoid conversations about money that we imagine may be difficult and lead to disagreements and hurt feelings, or even rifts in our close relationships. Yet the ability to talk effectively about our wealth is one of the key skills necessary to strengthen and enhance our intimate relationships, and it leads to greater harmony. Diana helps family members prepare for such conversations and facilitates the ensuing dialogues.

Philanthropic Advice

Philanthropy offers an avenue for a rich life with a legacy that extends beyond immediate family. Diana supports her clients as they identify and turn their passions and concerns for society and the world into measurable responses — generating lasting impact—that are true reflections of their deepest values. Her goal is for her clients to derive great satisfaction from their philanthropy and feel confident they have made well-placed social investments.

Family Wealth Mentoring™

Diana helps her individual and family clients identify and address their key challenges and opportunities. If you envision a family legacy where your children and grandchildren are competent and confident in their relationship with wealth, you may benefit from the experience of an advisor who has led a number of others through the inheritance and wealth ownership process.