Philanthropic Advice

Diana supports you, your family, and your foundation to maximise the impact of your philanthropy and your enjoyment of the giving experience.

“I’ve relied on you as a guide and thought partner and you’ve been so resourceful in identifying and connecting with local professionals and collaborators. Thank you for helping make my dream a reality.”


Values and Vision

Diana addresses all dimensions of your philanthropy, from articulating your values and vision—so your philanthropy will be an extension of you in the world—to refining your theory of change before acting on your strategies and tracking specific gifts. She will navigate different passions and giving styles within your family and help engage your younger generation members in your philanthropic activities.

In addition to saying Yes to the right opportunities, Diana will help you to say No gracefully to gifts that are not squarely in your interest areas. Your philanthropy will stay targeted for maximum impact.

Diana’s philanthropic advisory work was recognized when The Chambers Group, LLC was selected as one of the ten original philanthropic advisory firms in the US to work with the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund® to provide philanthropic advice for donors in their Private Donor Group.

“It is very satisfying to work with Diana because she is clear, direct, and truly able to bridge the grantor-grantee gulf. It’s a rare talent and I commend her.”

Executive Director of a national charity


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