Money Conversations

Personal conversations about money—even though there may be a great deal at stake—are often avoided. Are you afraid, if you broach the topic you want to discuss, that you will escalate a problem, be rejected, or even lose a relationship? Yet these outcomes are more likely to occur if you avoid the discussion than if you address the topic directly.

“Diana helped us change the way we converse as a group and launched us into a whole new way of communicating.”


Talking Comfortably About Wealth

Do you steer clear of money conversations with your partner/spouse, siblings, or friends because you are concerned you will rock the boat in your relationships? Are you worried about revealing your estate plan and financial reality to your children? When you learn to talk comfortably about money, you will enjoy increased levels of intimacy with your family and friends, feel more confident your financial decisions will be respected and honored, and avoid potentially costly losses.

Diana models open and honest dialogue about money. She will coach you in anticipation of challenging conversations and facilitate effective communication in your family retreats and meetings.

“Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me and my family around money and communication. So much of my wedding planning relied on the foundation of those skills. The wedding turned out great!”



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