Family Wealth Mentoring™

Diana is committed to guiding you and your family on the path to living well with your wealth regardless of how society views it, what your friends say, or the current state of the economy.

“Through your leadership we were able to delve further into the individual and group hopes and dreams for our family’s future and then begin the process of building a means to attain them.”


Wealth Ownership Skills

To own, direct, and enjoy your wealth, you need a rounded set of financial skills. Family wealth mentoring™ enhances the financial understanding of individual members and your family as a unit, through one-on-one and group sessions.

Financial education typically focuses solely or predominantly on financial literacy or Financial IQ—the practical, tangible dimensions of money—which include: tracking your money, setting and living within a spending plan, saving, and investing. But to live well with your wealth you will need Financial EQ or emotional intelligence. This includes: understanding how money affects you, recognizing the impact of money on your relationships, giving and receiving money messages, talking constructively about money, relating to advisors, negotiating and resolving conflicts over money, and using money for social good.

Diana’s customised approach reflects your unique circumstances and life experiences to give you a complete range of financial skills. She is experienced in working with first generation wealth creators as well as inheritors who, in addition to many new wealth management responsibilities, may face unfamiliar social and emotional challenges.

Read the Guidelines for Writing Your Money Autobiography  Click here to read.

“Diana has an uncanny ability to read her clients and anticipate their needs.”

Wealth Advisor


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